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Live Calls about UFO 2023

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Join host Jim Malliard for the weekly podcast that ventures into the fringe, the unusual, and even current events and is not afraid to ask the tough questions.
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The existence of UFOs, or unidentified flying objects, has been a subject of debate and fascination for decades. While some people believe that these objects are evidence of extraterrestrial life, others remain skeptical and point to more mundane explanations, such as natural phenomena or human-made objects. Despite numerous reported sightings and encounters with UFOs, there is still no concrete proof that they are anything other than unidentified objects. However, advances in technology and scientific inquiry have led to increased efforts to investigate and study these phenomena. Ultimately, the question of the existence of UFOs remains unresolved, and it may be some time before we have a definitive answer. Until then, the subject will continue to spark curiosity and intrigue, as people search for answers about our place in the universe and the possibility of other forms of life beyond our own planet. So, with that, we opened up the phone lines on this episode of The Malliard Report to discuss the topics of UFOs, (among other things) and the recent rash of sightings and potential shoot-downs. For all things Malliard, head over to where you can catch previous episodes, sign up for the newsletter, and much more. Remember to drop into the live chat every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST. You can connect with Jim on all social media platforms @malliard and remember to rate, review, and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app.