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John A. Carman - Former US Secret Service Agent

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John A. Carman - Former US Secret Service Agent


On this broadcast of The Malliard Report, we talk to our returning Guest, John Carman he is a retired Secret Service Agent. He returns to the show again to talk more about his life as a secret service agent, and one of most interesting ghost stories Jim has ever heard.

The show starts off talking about body doubles and Jimmy Carter. We all know that a lot of stories are out right now about the Candidates and as it gets closer to election time. They spend some time talking about the recent incident with Hillary Clinton at the 9-11 memorial. How the media took it to a new level of conspiracy theory of her illness. We all have to agree on Presidental Conspiracy Theories are the best and sometimes most amusing.

They also talk a little bit about the training for firearms as a secret service agent, as well as some of the daily requirements for an agent. We also find out where JFK's brain has been placed! Also, what the limousine looked like after the shooting. Plus something you have got to hear for yourself about that incident. We also jump into the difference in the Secret Service then and now, how the technology has changed over the years and how the agents have changed a little bit. You also have to hear about the Association of the Retirement Secret Agents and the part they play in history and current events.

At the end of the show, you will hear one of the most interesting Ghost Stories that Jim himself has ever heard! This one is really something you need to hear. So grab a drink and snack and sit back and take a listen to this full hour of so much unheard information and things you would have never heard anywhere else

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