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Aliens - Live Call In Show 04012014

According to Fox News, 1/3 of Americans believe in Aliens.

What do Aliens look like?

Jim discusses the Egyptian Pyramids, Area 51, Roswell, Stonehenge and Devil's Hole and their possible connection to Aliens.

We have great people that work for our government and within the intelligence community, but it only takes one to confirm that we have an Alien.

What are some Alien hoaxes?

Dixie calls in to discuss here personal experience with Aliens, what she calls Greys.

Buzzy calls to discuss an experience he had as a child in Northern Illinois and what if anything the Aliens had to do with the making of the Egyptian Pyramids.

The Host from The Rev's Report calls in to talk about Flight M370 and possible reasons for it's disappearance. Do Aliens walk amongst us? What are his beliefs about us being on the moon? <a title="" href=""> </a>

The Poll Results Are In:  Zak Bagans has won the "Biggest Name in TV" honors!

Jim's Final Thought: Old cemeteries are not places that should be investigated, they are hazardous. Have respect and investigate safely.

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